Newton’s Laws: The Law of Universal Gravitation and his Laws of Motion


Credits to the internet for the facts


More than 300 years ago, Sir Isaac Newton proposed a revolutionary idea: that any two objects, no matter their mass, exert gravitational force toward one another. His brilliant idea is what we now know as the Law of Universal Gravitation. Mr. Newton had also formulated three laws of motion. The first of the three laws states an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. The second law establishes a connection between an object’s mass (m) and its acceleration (a), in the form of the equation F = m × aF represents force, measured in Newtons. The third law is rather pithy and should be familiar to you: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is, for every force applied to an object or surface, that object pushes back with equal force.

Sir Isaac Newton is so smart, eh? Developing ideas so great, so brilliant, so abstract.

I myself would have still thought of these laws as abstract if I haven’t experienced these laws myself. Yesterday, I was in great hurry, carving my way out of the busy sidewalk near Ayala. But my eyes fell on this handsome young lad. I went still. Suddenly, my world – my life – started to gravitate towards him. And I could tell that the same goes for him.

Indeed, Love is the most unexpected amnesia. In a sudden, I forgot that I had a job interview to attend to. I was busy gawking at this young lad…what was his name? Ryan… I heard his friend call him Ryan.

Then Ryan started to move away, but his eyes were still on me. His movement brought me back to my senses. It was as if cupid’s arrow has taken its toll on us. My job interview!

Half-heartedly, I broke the eye contact and brisk-walked towards the office, head down. Then bam! I collided with a post.

Or so I thought it was.

As I looked up, Ryan radiated his smile towards me. “I’m sorry,” was all I mumbled. “It’s okay, miss uh..” he said. “Paige.” ‘Twas there that I realize, I was radiating his smile with the same intensity.

———— o ————- o —————- o ————— o —————— o ——————

I based this poem on a prose poem entitled, MY INVISIBLE VALENTINE. And I guess my experience in writing fan fictions made this prose poem possible >.~  


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