My Bittersweet Caffeine


(photo credit:

Pouring out hot water for my morning coffee to

Warm myself up during this chilly hour of the day, I

Would step back unconsciously into that distant reverie:

The luscious smile you would often wear whenever you pass

By that hallway – it flusters always my dopey soul, it always

Works like coffee, exactly like coffee.

Abruptly, this sweet reverie is shattered, just as this drink’s

Bitterness harshly opened my eyes: though my heart beats towards your

Direction, yours beats towards hers. 

—— ❤ ❤ ——-     —— ❤ ❤ ——-     —— ❤ ❤ ——-


This acrostic poem is dedicated to my high school crush – a crush I so admired long ago. Now that I’m reminiscing it, I’m kinda curious why I liked him – cause he’s handsome? Cause he has a great singing voice accompanied by a charming talent  (which is playing the guitar)? his breath-taking smile? perhaps the nearest guess would be — I liked him cause I was looking for a Kuya (big bro) figure (cause I’m the ate, eldest sis)… But, he’s already taken, so yeah…I had to move on. 


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