A Collaboration Poem written by

my mother and I


Running through the coastal views

 And rising mountaintops,

The magnificent sunset tableau

Wraps around my troubled troops.


Though anxious they all yearned to return

To the luxuries they have set aside;

Though with wounds that still sting and burn

Its pain’s nothing next to their great joy inside.


Heedless of the passage of time

They weave schemes and designs

To achieve in their lifetime –

“For life is too short for regrets and whines.”


So, on they go, this time marching faster

Filled with hope and eager for the battles hereafter.

~    ~    ~    ~    ~


Yes. This is another poetry homework (a homework for Chirstmas holidays ==’) I’m supposed to make a collaboration poem together with a classmate but I didn’t have a partner. But working with my mom wasn’t really that hard. 🙂 In fact, I wanna write more poems with her in the future.


PS btw, if ever you’re wondering why if you search this poem you find it in another blog (http://totallynotdangerous.posterous.com/), that blog is my blog XD I’m currently transferring my works here because it’s going down or something on April 30.


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