True Love Always Lasts A Lifetime……Really?

Culture Monk

By Kenneth Justice

We’ve all heard the narrative a million times.. Perhaps you’re out on a walk with a friend and you spot a swan like I did yesterday, maybe you just finished watching The Noteboook or A Walk To Remember with your significant other and they have tears streaming down their face….

At some point in your life someone has said, “Ya know, swans mate for life….isn’t that so beautiful!”

With rising divorce rates, increases in the number of intimate partners one has in a lifetime, and the overall low percentage of couples who stick together for a long time; it would seem that swans have somehow surpassed humans on the evolutionary ladder when it comes to lasting love……or have they?

Have we humans been sold a false bill of goods by Hollywood romantic comedies?

When I was younger very few of the romance films that were being produced…

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