Whenever I get across Cheesy lines or scenes I remember…


(picture credits to the owner, just got it from the net)

I promise I’ll post another poem after this…just let me blabber for a while.

Right now I’m watching a K-drama series (yep, I’m a Kdrama fanatic 😛 ) entitled Love Rain, and this episode has so much cheesy lines and scenes. I can’t understand, I really like the scenes (in fact, I smile so wide on the screen like an idiot) but I also cringe. Uggh, it’s so cheesy.

Then I thought, what would happen if the couple broke up? Those hugs, and kisses and cheesy stuff the said to each other, will those be forgotten? That’s when I remembered this certain balak (Cebuano Poem) I heard from a poetry reading session I had attended. I tried to look for an online copy but ugh, I guess I have to look for a book or anthology that contains it (which is REALLY hard, PHILIPPINE especially Cebuano lit isn’t really that well-published). But I will try to share an excerpt with my very best!!


Ingon ka nga ako ang bugtong pato nga nagkapakapa sa imong dughan

(You said that I was the only butterfly which flutters in your heart)

nga imong kab-oton ang mga buwan ug mga bitoon para nako

(that you’ll reach the moon and the stars and give them all to me)

unya naunsa na man ni karon? Nganong gibiyaan man ko nimo?

(But what happened? Why did you leave me?)

Nag-ingon ta ka nga naa pay usa ka patong gakapakapa sa imong dughan

(You could have said that there was another butterfly who fluttered in your heart)

nga sa tunga-tunga sa atong relasyon

(that in the middle of our relationship)

kapuyon kag kapyot sa mga bitoon ug sa buwan….

(you’ll get tired of reaching the moon and the stars for me…)

Yeah, it was something like that. I forgot the title though, but the author, I just know her by the name, Chai. I remember she’s a member of a poet society which sounds like Very Bad Poets based in Cebu, Philippines. I really love this balak and I can’t help but laugh whenever I remember it. 


PS I just really wanted to share it. Hahahaha

PPS About the translation, which I made myself, I don’t really know if I gave justice to it. As most say, there are things in a culture that one couldn’t translate. But yeah, the poem’s awesome specially when spoken 🙂 (It’s a spoken poetry, btw)


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