Alex once had an elder brother

Antony was his name

Both dearly loved each other

“Nothing can separate us,” they exclaimed.

Antony came home one day

Tagging his girlfriend, Athena, along

Both were singing ‘Happy Birthday’

And wishing for Alex to live long.

Athena ruffled Alex’s hair playfully

But he scowled and pushed her hand away

A tear form Alex’s eyes escaped “accidentally”

Then out he went, he didn’t stay.

Days have passed after that notable event

But Antony still is bothered –

“Is my brother in torment?”

And with that his head lowered.

He then wandered in Alex’s room

To somehow find answers…

He found Alex’s journal near the cloakroom

And shock enveloped him as answers were conferred:

“Athena, my childhood friend

Though I’ve loved you since second grade

It’s something I cannot defend

For my brother wants you to be his maid.”


Antony, greatly in distress,

Rushed to his brother,

“Why to didn’t you confess

That you’ve loved Athena since forever?”


“I owe you a great favour

And this is my way of paying back

I want our brotherly love to last forever

So my feelings, I had to hold back.”


……. **** …….. **** …….. ****……. **** …….. **** …….. **** …….. 

Please do bear with this poem. I just made it lunch time on the submission day. It was a homework given last Thursday but yeah, procrastination runs through me. I just had to let my ideas flow, then I’ll edit this later. 

Does the story sound familiar? If you’re into Kdrama, then you’ve got it right. It’s the story about the two brothers in Reply 1997 who loved a single girl. The younger one had loved the girl first. One night, the younger brother was about to confess his feelings to the girl when his older brother told him that he plans to confess his feelings to the girl tonight. Owing so much to his elder brother (they were orphans and his brother literally raised him up and gave up so much things just for him), he didn’t even hesitate to back down and not confess to the girl. The girl and his brother became lovers eventually. (btw, the Elder brother didn’t know his brother also loved the girl) After 10 years, the older brother found out that his brother had loved the girl first.

I’ll end there, watch the drama if you want 😛 my words aren’t enough to describe what really happened. It was beautifully portrayed, the story between the brothers I mean.

* And I almost forgot! The title is supposed to be utang na loob but it wouldn’t suit the poem cause the poem’s in English. Then I tried Debt of Gratitude but I said, ‘Naah, I gave too much of the poem already..” So I shortened it to debt 🙂


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