Panda and the Hedgehog


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I just finished watching this korean drama entitled Panda and the Hedgehog. And boy it was so great! That previous expression I made is even an understatement.

I won’t make summaries of the plot, you can find it anywhere. I’ll just share my experiences, comments, and violent reactions while watching the said drama. 

The title itself has first drawn me into this drama. It’s very unique. Then comes the leading man, Donghae of Super Junior!!! Lalalalala~~~~ I didn’t know he acts. (but nah, most idols act now, right?) Donghae’s not a bad actor, and I really think he did his role really well. 

*alert! spazz girl alert!* His character was perfect! The bad guy outside but soft and mushy romantic inside type of guy…ugh…I so like him :3

And the other lead guy tooo!!!!! The one who acted as Choi Won Il. He did very very well. 

*alert! spazz girl alert!* He’s so adorable, and cute despite his tall stature….and his naive character.. not to mention his smile. T^T killed me several times while watching this series. It really tears me apart… I wanted both of the actors to have happy endings…and I’m g… no. no spoilers XP

Okay, that was weird, so let’s move on. I think what makes this one of the best korean dramas I’ve ever seen is that it’s based on a firm storyline. I mean, the story was greatly crafted – the foreshadowing, the tag lines, everything including the great cast! And the ending – oh my gee I REALLY LOVE THE ENDING! You know, one thing I noticed about korean dramas is that the story is slowly and excitingly climbing to its peak, the climax, but as it wears off…the story closes of not as a BANG! but as a *poof!* You know what I mean? It’s like the screenplay writer or the story writer/whatever-you-call-the-one-who-writes-the-story got tired of making all those plots so he/she just made up something in the ending hurriedly. 

BUT the ending of Panda and the Hedgehog is sooo unexpected, sooooo great, DAEBAK — !!! It makes the viewers think of what happened, it makes the viewers itch and scrunch up their noses….then leaves the viewers smiling while clapping their hands until the end. It’s really worth the sleepless nights. I really miss these kinds of Kdrama – light and well-crafted. 🙂 And I almost forgot to mention how great and cute those cakes are :3


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