Finally Bagging My Bachelor’s Degree


PS I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and Literature. Graduating with Latin honors was a bonus. ><


After four years, I finally graduated from the university. When I was still studying, I thought four years was a long period of time. Now that school’s over, well, I think four years was not enough. I still have so much to learn.

“What are you feeling right now? …Now that you are finally graduating?”

I could not forget that question. An employer from the USC Job fair last March 21, 2015 asked me this question. I could even remember that the employer was an alumni from my high school.

Anyway… So, what did you think was my answer?

No, I was not excited. I really wasn’t. I said I was indifferent. I expected to graduate so I did not feel anything special.

Even when we had the general rehearsal for our commencement rights, I did not feel excited, sad, or any other emotion. It was just so hot. I mean, the weather. 😛

Not until that certain moment when I was waiting in line to claim my certificate and my medal. Gosh, everything flashed back – first year days, crying moments during projects, wonderful teachers and classes. And I was on the verge of crying.

I was not indifferent anymore. During that moment, all kinds of feelings were swirling in me. I had to breathe in and out deeply to keep my poker face on. And also to feel my legs. (Mind you, I was wearing 5-inch heels =.=)

God, I was so nervous. Thankfully, our teacher guide, aside from making sure that our cap and togas looked okay, reassured us with his smile 😉

A blurred image taken just after I received my certificate and medal from the Dean.
A blurred image taken just after I received my certificate and medal from the Dean.

“DANE VALERIE BAINTO MAGAWAY, Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature. MAGNA CUM LAUDE”

That was my cue. I walked down the carpeted floor towards the dean. This is it. I wish my parents could come on stage with me.

“Congratulations,” the Dean said while handing me my certificate and medal. Her bright smile was so infectious.

“Thank you,” I replied with a smile.

After that, my parents slid the medal on me. Picture taking. Picture taking. Hugs. Hugs.

The long ceremony
The long ceremony
My seatmates and I
My seatmates and I

Thankfully, no tears were shed. The ceremony was looooooong but it ended with happiness (evident in the loud cheers of the students).


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