Il Mio Primo Seminario Di Scrittura

Actually, this is part of my program. I took an essay writing course. We wrote essays and these would be critiqued not only by our instructor but also by a guest panellist and by the rest of the class.

We were asked to write three essays – an essay about one’s passion, a travel essay/narrative, and a character sketch/narrative.

Honestly, I wrote all my essays in a hurry. Because I am a master procrastinator.

I was not confident at all when the day of the writing workshop or critiquing came. I expected that my works will be massacred.

Well, the opposite happened.

Generally, our guest panellist showered my works with positive comments. If I could blush, I would have blushed. She said that I had a good command with words. She even added that I could communicate my thoughts real well. And she noticed that I was very visual.

Woah. I agree with the part that says I had a good command with words. My friends and previous teachers have told me the same thing before.  I also noticed that I am very visual. I see to it that my readers or even I can picture out what I am writing.

But that I can communicate my thoughts well? Well, I don’t think so… Hahahahaha. I am still working on that part. You see, I am an introvert. For me, I think communicating my thoughts verbally, or even in written form, is still problematic.

My passion essay was the class favourite. Mostly because most of them don’t know how to swim. They said I made them feel the water and things like that. The guest panellist also really loved my start. But, really, I just borrowed that from another essay >//< (credits to that essay writer)

The panellist described my travel essay as a calming article.

About my character sketch (which was my favourite), the panellist said that it could be a feature article in a newspaper. She could relate to that essay because she too is a dual citizen. My classmate even said that because I was so visual, after reading my essay, she felt that she knew Rachel, too.


I knew I have a gift in writing. I think I got it from my mother’s side.

However, since I did not hone it by writing every day or even occasionally, I thought my writing skills died out.

Well, it seems that it hadn’t. I just have to continue writing and writing then.


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