An Ezquizite Facet of Beauty

“A girl is as hot as the shoes that she chooses.” A quote taken from Ezra’s fashion blog, Speak and Style ( Photo taken by: John Cadaleña

If you often drop by the Joseph Baumgartner Learning Resource Center, the Nursing Building or the Philip Van Engelen building, you know Ezra Hilary Ceniza. And, more often than not, you noticed her simple yet unique and elegant fashion during Wednesdays. Am I right?

“I want to let the people see the beauty of life through fashion,” she said after being asked why she dresses differently from the majority of the Carolinians. In fact, Ezra manages a fashion blog, the Speak and Style. Her blog is a compilation of her outfits and photo shoots. “It serves as a portfolio of my journey as I walk through the high streets of fashion.”

Ezra’s beauty and her great fashion sense had already brought her a long way. Last year, Ezra was crowned as Ms. EMA 2013. Her walk down the red carpet of beauty pageant does not end there. In fact, on the TC Days this coming September 27, 2014, Ezra will represent the College of Arts and Sciences as Ms. CAS in the Mr. and Ms. TC Beauty Pageant.

More than being a beauty queen, our fashionista is also smart. In fact, she has been part of the dean’s list since her first year in college. Her classmates also see her as a diligent student. “Ezra? She’s smart and artistic,” exclaimed Valerie in an interview. She is Ezra’s close friend and thesis partner. “Her notes are very detailed and very colorful. Her pencil case is full of pens of different colors.”

As a girl who has it all – the beauty, the brains, and the figure – one would instantly conclude that Ezra would be arrogant and conceited. But her friends say otherwise.

“Ezra is very down-to-earth,” Ceska shared. “She tells jokes frequently and even laughs out loud without covering her mouth, sometimes.”

“I have been with Ezra the whole summer this year,” Mary Joy said. “She prefers riding jeepneys and eating cheaper food than spending lots of money on taxis and fine dining. But don’t get me wrong, Ezra loves fine dining.”

“She goes boy-watching with us,” Shiela shared. “Whenever a cute guy comes around, she gives us this subtle body language sign which translates to ‘Guys, cute guy alert!’”

This smart, optimistic girl, who is currently in her fourth year as a Linguistics and Literature student in the University of San Carlos, aims to make it big as a stylist and as a speaker in the future. When asked if there was anything else she could wish for, she eagerly replied, “I want to be a performer, a singer and dancer like Beyonce. However, my voice and my body have to be trained really well before I realize that dream.”

August 26, 2014


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