Yours Truly

I am not that tall. I’m not that short either. I have tan skin. I wear thick-rimmed black glasses. And I guess this is what makes me more unique from other people – I have a big red birthmark on my left hand.

I’m Dane Valerie Magaway from the island of Leyte, Philippines. I am a very silent person, but I can be random and talkative at times. I’m actually nervous and scared of meeting new people. I am also terrified of the idea of speaking in front of a group. Whenever I’m nervous, I bite my nails and lips. However, if speaking in front of a group should be necessary, I can handle it.

I can swim. I am in love with the water (pools, beaches, etc.), which explains my skin color. Aside from swimming, I also love to surf the internet. I would watch movies, videos, or read stories or articles.

I can say that I had a fairly good childhood. I was a happy-go-lucky kid. I climbed trees, made friends easily, and read books to my heart’s content. Back then, I speak my mind out without being cautious- because those were the times when people’s opinions do not matter to me yet.

Things changed as I begin to understand things in a different perspective. I realized that most people (or was I really just being pessimistic?) tend to be judgmental. That is, they tend to look at a person’s external characteristics without including his/her intrinsic personality.

Insecurity started to crawl in me. Unnecessary worries filled me.

Are my grades okay?

How do I look?

Did I say something wrong?

Did I do something that I shouldn’t have done?

I was overly conscious of myself that I clammed up to avoid doing something ‘silly’. Slowly, I not only locked up the real me but I have also become a judgemental person myself.

I am now in the process of searching for myself. I think I have hidden too many pieces of myself that I forgot what those pieces are.

Right now, I am just drifting aimlessly.

I am hoping that through my writings, I can unlock and reveal the real me. Hopefully.

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