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A birthday message to my twenty-three year old self.

My goal: to have this hairstyle again

It’s okay to have doubts – about yourself, about life, about your goals, about love, about work, about everything. As long as you don’t dwell on them for too long.

It’s okay to be different – to be silent, to be weird, to have your own kind of fun. You have lived long enough to know that to pretend to be something that you’re not is tiring. Be confident in your own skin.

It’s okay to lose people who were once around you – temporarily or permanently. But this should not stop you from meeting and trusting new people.

Finally, it’s okay to ask for help. Yes, you are a strong woman – but even Wonderwoman confides with her friend/sidekick. Y

So, congratulations for having lived this far (23 years!!!). Don’t doubt yourself and just keep moving forward – you’re on the right track!